Gallery 3 Tower of Power Click on the thumbnails to see larger images. These photos are from my second recital at Berklee College of Music on November 29th, 1999. We played Tower of Power's tunes.

The Band

Lily Cushman-Culhane Voice

Anna-Maria Nordström Voice

Johanna Fallman Voice

Kevin Bachelder Lead Singer

Special Guest Jerry Cecco

Ana Nrgaard Percussion

Vasilis Xenopoulos Tenor Sax

Nick Salisbury Bass

Josh Rosen Piano

Tom Knowlton Guitar

Adam Czerepinski Trumpet

Mattias Murhagen Tenor Sax

Eric Lonsdale Baritone Sax



Tom, Kevin, Nick

The Band 2

Ana The Groove Maker



Berklee Paper The Groove Review