Gallery 6 Russell Ferrante & Berklee Yellow Jackets Ensemble Click on the thumbnails to see larger image

Yes, it finally happened. This event was first scheduled on 3/6/01 at Berklee Performance Center as a part of Berklee Piano Week, but postponed because of the snow storm. On 4/9/01, at the David Friend Recital Hall, we did the clinic / open rehearsal with Russell. Not only we rehearsed on the tunes we've been working on but the one Russell brought in, which he has never recorded, and even never been played by any band. He is a very nice, very friendly person who made us so relaxed despite of the notion of playing together with such a great musician. But at the same time, he gave us subtle but serious comments which we all appreciated so much. On 4/10/01, we did the concert at the David Friend Recital hall. The hall was packed. We, as Berklee Yellow Jackets Ensemble opened the concert and played "Evening Dance", "Man Facing North". and "Invisible People". Then, Russell Ferrante joined us and played "Freedom Land", "River Waltz", "Geraldin" and the new tune we just rehearsed the day before, "Less is Mo" It was one of the biggest musical experiences in my life. After performing with us, Russell played several solo pieces. They were the most beautiful music I heard in a long time. Blue Barn Studio's Art director, Alicja Glogowska who was present at the concert said to Russell after the concert, "That was the closest thing to painting I've ever heard".